Hit or Miss Rebrands

Rebrands can go one of two ways, hit or miss. In this post, we’ll explore three examples of rebrands that hit or missed their mark and why.

Rebrands can go one of two ways, hit or miss. In this post, we’ll explore three examples of rebrands that hit or missed their mark and why.


Baskin-Robbins has a cult-like following and transcends generations of ice cream lovers. Their new and improved 2022 brand represents a stronger, more elevated logo that tells a story about the company’s roots. The designers traded blue for brown and opted for a modern serif font that feels more classy while still retaining some of the fun of the old logo. 

It looks like Baskin-Robbins made to phase out its more childish look to appeal to a wider crowd by reducing the off-beat crookedness that the old logo had. The new design also reflects the important number 31 within the ‘BR’ design. Baskin-Robbins is known for boasting 31 flavors of ice cream. Although 31 flavors may not seem as impressive as it was in 1950 (they have over 1,000 flavors in 2022) it’s an integral part of their history that keeps the traditions of the company alive.

This rebrand is one that continues to tell the story of the Baskin-Robbins business while evolving to meet the expectations of a more modern audience. Not to mention that the design rollout was sweet, and we’re not talking ice cream. They had unique print and digital ads, cool apparel, and even bikes sporting their updated monogram.

Rebrand hit or Miss? Hit!

Kraft Foods

Seeing this rebrand made me lose the nostalgia I have for Kraft. The old Kraft logo is recognizable to so many as a go-to for comfort food products. Their rebrand wiped that image clean by completely dropping the iconic Kraft colors and font. 

Counter to current trends and competitors like Nestle, Kraft decided to complexify its logo by adding a pinwheel of colors and a swoosh under ‘Kraft’ that immediately reminded me of Amazon Fresh. It moved away from the timeless feel it had by using elements that don’t feel intentional or meaningful to the brand. They were calling the pinwheel a ‘flavor burst’ - really? 

Kraft’s move to reduce the boldness throughout and to disregard its previous logo created issues with recognizability for past customers and adoption for new ones. Let’s be honest, this logo would work better as the mark of a healthcare company, not a staple of an American pantry. Fast forward to today, this rebrand got so much backlash that Kraft moved back to its bold, iconic look while incorporating some modern touches to give it a facelift.

Rebrand hit or Miss? Miss.

Canada Dry

Canada Dry’s 2022 rebrand remains recognizable to loyal customers and brings a more versatile and bold look that will be more easily utilized on digital platforms.

The design has a vintage feel which pays homage to its 1904 roots while also bringing a more streamlined design to the table that will play nicely with social media campaigns or ads. 2022 saw many other companies also hopping on the same ‘retro-vitalizing’ trend where brands look back at the past to chart the course for the future. 

Riding this wave, Canada Dry cut some of its frills like the details in the map, the bubbles, and that 3D gradient on the crown and border of the logo. It opts for a flatter, matte look with a strong font that moves away from an early 00s vibe. A trend that brands like Pepsi and Sprite have also ushered into their rebrands. 

Overall it’s a solid new look that walks the line between retaining the trust of past customers and presenting a bold, eye–catching iteration on a storied history. 

Rebrand hit or Miss? Hit!

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