Top Six Mistakes When Posting Instagram Reels

Instagram is pushing video content now more than ever. With short-term videos increasing in popularity, it’s time to make sure you’re taking all measures to create a successful reel.

Follow these six simple tips below to help boost your audience.


No cover photo/thumbnail

One of the top mistakes brands make when uploading a new reel is not choosing a cover photo. You only have seconds to grab someone's attention as they scroll through your page. It’s vital to use an eye-catching thumbnail. Also, it makes your Instagram feed more polished when a clear image is selected.


No call to action

Another key part of reels brands often forget to include are call to actions. To keep your audience engaged and interacting with your post, you need a CTA at the end of your reel. It can be simple, only a few lines. In fact, that’s better! Too lengthy of messaging often goes overlooked. Use a short message to direct your viewers, even if it is just to read more in the caption.


Picking the wrong audio

Selecting the right audio is a challenge. Just because a track is popular doesn’t guarantee your post will go viral. You don’t want to only copy trends either. If a sound has a few thousand uses, take the opportunity and jump on it. As the audio gains popularity, it will give your reel the chance of being at the top of the sound - giving your account more exposure.


Not using the correct aspect ratio

Reels are a vertical video format, use that to your advantage. Too often brands upload videos with weird cropping and text gets cut off the screen. Ensure your video takes up the full height of a phone screen, leaving no black edges. These can be a turnoff for some viewers and your video could be scrolled right past.


Posting content that doesn’t make sense for your brand

It is also important to post content that is relevant to your audience. Post within your account’s niche. If you are only uploading in an attempt to go viral, you might be upset with the results. Creating content that makes sense for your brand will help attract the right viewers and promote growth for your account. This doesn’t mean don’t take risks though. Have fun with posting and don’t be afraid to experiment.


Deleting a reel prematurely

Is one of your reels underperforming? Deleting a reel just because it isn’t doing the numbers you expected is possibly the worst mistake you can make. You must remember, reels can still increase in viewership weeks after you post them. Just because something isn’t performing well right away doesn’t mean there isn’t an audience for it. Give your content time to find the right crowd and use hashtags accordingly.


There you have it, six tips to create more professional Instagram reels. When done correctly these videos can be a critical component to your social media game, boosting your account into the spotlight. There are plenty more mistakes that can be made when uploading, but it’s all a learning experience. As you create more, you will not only see growth in your skill but also in your engagement.