Why Brand Guidelines are Essential for Your Business

Learn how to create brand guidelines that keep your business's look and feel consistent across all platforms.

If you’re not familiar with brand guidelines, they are a set of rules that define the correct practices for using your brand. These are created to keep your brands over look and feel easily recognizable across all platforms to your audience. 

Brand Consistency

Consumers respond positively to companies that demonstrate a consistent brand usage in marketing collateral. Anytime a potential customer sees something from your business such as a social media post, Google Ad, billboard, or business card, they see a glimpse of your brand that is distinctive from the typical content they consume on a daily basis. This consistency is apparent when a company is using an identifiable color palette, unique typography, and/or their logo in a recognizable way. Repetition is key to driving this recognition for your audience. Take a look at this feed below. 

Take a look at this feed below. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 1.45.44 PM

You don’t need to take a look at the brand name to instantly recognize this social media profile is that of Burger King. While maybe not using all brand elements at once in each image, there is consistency in brand color, fonts, and use of their logo.  

Helps Your Team to Work More Efficiently

Having a set standard of rules for using your brand identity correctly can help your marketing and design team to easily generate new marketing collateral and work within a given framework. Having guidelines ready before the brainstorming phase can help to navigate away from potential ideas that may not best reflect the company’s desired style and tone. This way,  your team can work more productively without possibly deviating from the brand's look. 

Increases Your Business Value

When a brand's look and feel is consistent and cohesive, it helps to build loyalty and value around your brand. As mentioned before, consumers respond positively to a brand they can easily recognize and they begin to build a strong connection with your business. You end up standing out further than just the product or service you offer, but rather what your mission is and what you believe in. With a consistent usage of your guidelines, you begin to appear more qualified and reliable as a brand which in turn increases the value of your business.  

Think about different companies or businesses that offer similar services or products and understand why maybe one may stand out to you more than the other. For example, food delivery apps such as DoorDash and UberEats. A consumer may have a preference of one over the other just because of the emotional connection they have with that brand and their specific type of branding will play a specific role in that decision. 

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